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Troyanda Ukrainian D​a​nce Ensemble

Troyanda, translated from Ukrainian to mean "rose", is seen by many as a symbol of love. 

Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble was registered in 1981, but has been active as a dance troupe since the 1960’s. Troyanda strives to fulfill its primary goal of providing an opportunity for our young people to express themselves through dance and to develop an appreciation for one of the most beautiful Ukrainian traditions. Under the direction of Serhiy & Liana Zabutnyy, Troyanda offers classes to dancers from 2 years old to adults. We love to perform throughout Yorkton and the surrounding communities and enjoy being a vital part of Yorkton's cultural identity!

Regions studied vary among each group and include Poltava, Hutzul, Volyn, Transcarpathian, and Bukovina. 

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Stacie Fahlman

Stacie started dancing with Yorkton Kalyna Dance School in 1994. In 2010 upon returning from achieving her Civil Engineering Technology diploma in Alberta, she joined Troyanda’s adult group, Zabava, as the youngest member of the group. While continuing to dance with Zabava, Stacie was invited to try out for Bratstva Studios’ semi-professional performance group based out of Dauphin, MB. Troyanda created Tropak, a new young adult group in 2013, which Stacie still dances with to this day. With Bratstva and Tropak, Stacie took part in multiple performances, including the main stage at Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival and at Mosaic – A Festival of Cultures. Stacie also danced and performed throughout both of her pregnancies, including competing at festival ten days before having her son. While dancing with Troyanda and Bratstva, Stacie began to help the new members with choreography and would take the lead when the instructor was away, and ran extra practices when needed. She began instructing dance students from two-years old to adults in Springside in 2015, Wadena in 2018, taught at a Just-4-Fun program in 2017 and started teaching the extra practices in 2019 at Troyanda and has been assisting and teaching with the club since. Stacie completed the instructor intensive workshop for the UCC SaskTanets 2018 Summer Ukrainian Dance Program.

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A Message from the President

Hello everyone and welcome to Troyanda’s 2020-21 season!

I am Stacie Fahlman and I will be Troyanda’s president this dance season! Over the past four years I have held a few different positions on the Troyanda board and I have been a Troyanda dancer in the adult groups since 2010, my daughter joined the club in 2017 and my son in 2019. I have Ukrainian danced with multiple other clubs over the years, as well as instructed for four Ukrainian dance groups including Troyanda! Those who know me know how passionate and dedicated I am to Ukrainian dance and culture, so I am very VERY excited and looking forward to a fantastic year for our children and club! 

Christie Ockochinski


Sheri Ferris

Vice President

Cheryl Mikolas


Tammie Latimer & Elyse Thomas

Costume Coordinators

Brittney Leibel & 

Kim Prodonchuk

Fundraiser Coordinators

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Competition Coordinator

Megan Mickelson & Verena Popowich

Past Presidents

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Classes at Troyanda have been continuing to provide our students with physical activity and some normality in their lives despite the pandemic. It has been a very challenging time for our club.

We would like to thank the Ukrainian Canadian Congress of Saskatchewan and Sask Lotteries for the grant they provided to assist us with Covid-19 expenses!

A thank-you as well to Painted Hand Community Development Corporation Yorkton for the grant they provided for a laptop to assist us with our new tasks due to Covid-19 regulations and our Zoom classes.